Country Partner Name Agreement Type Active Through
Colombia Recruitment 9/23/2022
Taiwan UKEAS Worldwide Limited Recruitment 9/23/2022
China Beijing New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co. Ltd. Recruitment 9/23/2022
Taiwan Envison Study group Recruitment 9/23/2022
Vietnam New World Study Abroad Consulting Co. Ltd Recruitment 9/23/2022
India Edge Exim Incorporated Recruitment 8/29/2022
India GeeBee  Education Pvt. Ltd. Recruitment 8/29/2022
India Abroad Campus Recruitment 7/1/2022
Nigeria El-Dega Education Advisory Services Recruitment 6/17/2022
Germany College Contact GMBH Recruitment  6/17/2022
China Can-Achieve Education Limited Recruitment 6/5/2022
India Kanan International Private Limited Recruitment 6/5/2022
India Manya Education Private Limited  Recruitment 6/5/2022
India Renaissance Educare Pvt. Ltd Recruitment 6/5/2022
Switzerland Zurich University of Applied Sciences Exchange 5/3/2022
United Kingdom University of Portsmouth Exchange 4/14/2022
Vietnam Ancient Orient Journeys Third-Party Provider 4/10/2022
India Pal4edu Recruitment 3/5/2022
Vietnam Asia Europe Co.,Ltd Recruitment 3/5/2022
Japan Kagoshima University Exchange 1/24/2022
Vietnam American Education Alliance (AEA) Study Recruitment 1/18/2022
India Krishna Consultants  Recruitment 11/19/2021
India Imperial School & Study Centre Pvt. Ltd. Recruitment 9/19/2021
China Education International Cooperation (EIC) Group Ltd Recruitment 8/20/2021
India Raj Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Recruitment 8/20/2021
Japan Ryugaku Journal, Inc. Recruitment 8/20/2021
China Global Education Network Recruitment 7/2/2021
China Maxway Education  Recruitment 6/20/2021
Malta University of Malta Third-Party Provider 5/19/2021
United States Marazul Third-Party Provider 4/4/2021
China JJL International Education Exchange Promotion Ltd. Recruitment 3/27/2021
India Edwise International Recruitment 3/27/2021
United States UStudy  Recruitment 3/27/2021
India Disha Careers Pvt. Ltd.  Recruitment 2/27/2021
India Learning Edge  Recruitment 2/27/2021
Taiwan Washington Education Services  Recruitment 2/27/2021
China Insights Education International Recruitment 2/8/2021
India Career Mosaic Pvt.Ltd Recruitment 2/8/2021
India Council for American Education Recruitment 2/8/2021
India Anuhya Consultants Recruitment 1/19/2021
United States STA Travel, Inc. Third-Party Provider 1/14/2021
India Abacus Education Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Recruitment 12/19/2020
India Canam Consultants Recruitment 12/19/2020
India IAEC Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Recruitment 12/19/2020
India Valmiki Group  Recruitment 12/19/2020
Korea Gyeongsang National University Exchange 11/24/2020
India Sowrya Consultancy Private Limited Recruitment 7/10/2020
Nepal Alfa Beta Institute Pvt.Ltd. Recruitment 6/20/2020
UAE SchoolApply Recruitment 6/20/2020
China Shanghai SISU Educational Information Center for International Exchanges Recruitment 6/15/2020
India SIEC Education P/L Recruitment 6/15/2020
India The Chopras Global Holdings PTE Limited Recruitment 6/15/2020
Malaysia iEducare Services Recruitment 6/15/2020
Taiwan Global Education Services Recruitment 6/15/2020
United States University Study, Inc. Recruitment 6/5/2020
Grenada Saint George's University Third-Party Provider 5/22/2020
India Yathapu Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Recruitment 5/18/2020
India Charms Education and Immigration Services Recruitment 5/3/2020
India Europe Study Centre Recruitment 5/3/2020
India Study Metro Recruitment 5/3/2020
India The Globalizers Edutrain Recruitment 5/3/2020
Thailand Hands On Education Consultants Recruitment 5/3/2020
Netherlands Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Exchange 4/6/2020
China Beijing Shengsi Hanyun Science & Technology Service Company Ltd. Recruitment 2/20/2020
Taiwan Merica Group Recruitment 2/20/2020
Malaysia Taylor's International Alliance Network Recruitment  2/20/2020
Taiwan Oh! Study Education Consulting Center Recruitment 1/24/2020
China Shinyway International Recruitment 11/29/2019
India PAC Asia Eduserve LLP (trading as Mapmystudy) Recruitment 11/29/2019
Germany Hochschule fur Gestaltung Schwabisch Gmund Exchange 10/20/2019
Denmark Mercantec Custom Academic 9/11/2019
Sweden University West Sweden Exchange 8/30/2019
China University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) Articulation 6/6/2019
United States Canvas Gate Third-Party Provider 5/15/2019
United States Center for International Studies (CIS Abroad) Third-Party Provider 5/15/2019
United States Institute for the International Education of Students (IES Abroad) Third-Party Provider 5/8/2019
Vietnam Haivenu Company Limited Third-Party Provider 4/25/2019
United States ACCENT Third-Party Provider 4/15/2019
Slovenia University of Ljubljana Third-Party Provider 3/10/2019
Costa Rica UPEACE Third-Party Provider 11/22/2018
France Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies (EFREI) Custom Academic 7/12/2018